Secondary Cataract

In some cases, the part of the lens capsule that supports the IOL (the posterior capsule) can become cloudy. This may occur months or years after the cataract was removed. While this is not a recurrence of the cataract, it is sometimes referred to as a secondary cataract. If this causes a significant decrease in your vision it can be treated.

Treatment involves using a laser to make a circular opening in the posterior capsule. Dr. Callahan performs this brief, painless procedure at Inova Loudoun Ambulatory Surgery Center. Your operative eye will be dilated for the procedure. You have no restrictions before or after the procedure. In fact, most patients drive themselves to and from the surgery center. Often patients notice a substantial improvement in their vision within several hours.

Video: Secondary Cataract (YAG Capsulotomy)

This video explains how vision after cataract surgery can become cloudy again and how it can be restored in a matter of seconds with a procedure called YAG Capsulotomy.